Article Roundup: Vaccine News for Summer 2019

As summer winds down, let’s take a look back at some of the important vaccine-related news and stories, both locally and farther afoot, that made headlines in the past few months:

  • Busting Vaccine Myths - Dr. Whitney Casares, a pediatrician at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest and the expert behind, debunks common vaccine myths.

  • Flu Shots During Pregnancy Are Safe for Mother and Baby - A recent study out of Canada found that the flu vaccine is safe during pregnancy, particularly when considering long-term outcomes for babies after birth.

  • Chickenpox Vaccine May Protect Against Shingles Years Later - A persisting belief of those against the chickenpox vaccine is that the vaccine itself could cause shingles later in life. A new Pediatrics study shows that the vaccine may, instead, protect against shingles. In fact, vaccinated children have a 78% lower incidence of shingles than unvaccinated children.

  • I Wish I’d Gotten the HPV Vaccine - By the time the HPV vaccine was approved, writer Rachael Brennan had already had her first abnormal Pap smear. Here she discusses why the HPV vaccine matters, and why she’ll making sure her daughter gets the vaccine as soon as she's eligible.


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