Welcome to Boost Oregon's Blog!

Boost Oregon proudly introduces its new blog! This space will explore hot topics related to vaccines, children’s health, parenting, Boost Oregon, and whatever else strikes our fancy. Posts will be written by our staff and volunteers, as well as guest contributors. If you want to be a guest contributor, or you have ideas or questions that you want to see examined here, please email info@boostoregon.org.

This blog, in addition to our written guides and community workshops, offers another avenue to spread accurate, evidence-based information about children’s vaccines. We know you want to make the best possible decisions for your children’s health, but there’s a lot of seemingly contradictory information out there. We’re here to help you sift through the noise and to access science-based answers from credible sources.

This blog, like everything Boost Oregon does, is a community-wide effort. We are so grateful to writer & mother extraordinaire, Molly Hinrichs, who conceptualized this blog and made it a reality. And, thanks in advance to our medical educators who will write future posts, including but not limited to Joel Amundson, M.D., Max Cohen, N.D., Ryan Hassan, M.D., Taylor Pinsent, MPH, and Jay Rosenbloom, M.D., Ph.D.

We look forward to learning with you as this blog develops. Check back here every other week or so for new posts, and keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Happy reading!


Best wishes,
Nadine Gartner

Founding Executive Director of Boost Oregon