The people of Boost Oregon



The Board of Directors oversees and supports the work of Boost Oregon.  The Board monitors the organization’s financials and creates its strategic short-term and long-term goals.  In partnership with the Executive Director, the Board assists Boost Oregon in carrying out its mission of childhood vaccination education.

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Dr. Erika Beard-Irvine


Erika Beard-Irvine, M.D., is a board-certified pediatrician, mom of two, and the doer of all things at Erika Beard-Irvine MD pediatrics in Bend. She loves teaching her patients about health and their bodies and about evidence-based medicine. When she’s not in clinic, you can find her kitting, gardening on her farm, or training in martial arts with her kids.


Kenji Nozaki


Kenji Nozaki is Chief Information Officer and Head of Security and Facilities Operations at Planned Parenthood Columbia Willamette. When he’s not at work, Kenji can most likely be found exercising, admiring his extensive sneaker collection, or spending time with his family, including Aya (5) and Kai (7). Kenji is excited to serve on the Board of Boost Oregon because of the focused mission and the important role Boost plays in addressing the critical public health issue of vaccinations. 


Yoona Park


Yoona Park is a lawyer by day and a snack-toting soccer mom by night.  When she’s not writing a brief, she can most often be found toting a carload of kids cross-town and debating the relative merits of Justin Bieber with her two sons.  Yoona is excited to serve on the Board of Boost Oregon because she believes passionately that every kid deserves a shot at a healthy future.


Taylor Pinsent


Taylor Pinsent is a mother of two spirited girls and an epidemiologist. When she is not negotiating bath and bedtime, she is working to solve and improve the health of our community by studying infectious disease patterns. Taylor understands firsthand the overwhelming yet amazing transition into parenthood, and she is excited to help new parents navigate vaccine information.


Michele Rossolo


Michele Rossolo is a semi-reformed political operative.  She is currently a partner in a software start up focused on improving our options at the ballot box.  After nearly a decade motivating candidates seeking office, she now deploys that same skill set trying to get her husband and two young children to pick up the house and eat their veggies.  She is enthusiastic to be a part of Boost Oregon so all parents can feel comfortable making healthy decisions for their children. 


Dr. David Solondz


David Solondz, MD is a father and family physician. He is excited to bring his enthusiasm and experience in combining conventional medicine with complementary therapies to Boost Oregon. He cares deeply about the health and wellness of Oregon’s children with a focus on preventive care and well-being. When not handling drop off or pick up for his own children, he may be found tending to the garden or cooking. That is, of course, if he’s not out with his family in the outdoors camping, biking, skiing, or on some other adventure.


Elizabeth Milesnick

vice president

Elizabeth Milesnick is a technology lawyer and mother of two.  Without exercising on purpose, she hits about 12,000 steps each day of the weekend.  Elizabeth is excited to be a part of Boost Oregon because she wants to help others recognize the importance of vaccinations.  She looks to expand the reach of Boost Oregon to include every Oregonian in its vision for a healthy community.  


Megan Thompson


Megan Thompson is an attorney, an adjunct law professor and the mother of two children, ages 2 and 5. She lives in Eugene, where her kids attend an outdoor Waldorf preschool. In rare moments of free time, she loves cooking, hiking, and adventuring with her family and is attempting to become a gardener. She believes every parent should have access to accurate, evidence-based information about vaccines and is excited to help expand Boost Oregon’s programming.


The Medical Advisory Board ("MAB") provides insight and expertise for Boost Oregon's educational resources and programs.  Members of the MAB are appointed by the Board of Directors and act in an advisory capacity in all medical and scientific matters related to Boost Oregon.  All MAB members contribute their expertise on a pro bono basis with no conflict of interest between their professional work and the volunteer work they do for Boost Oregon.

Dr. Joel Amundson, M.D.

Joel Amundson, M.D. is a board-certified pediatrician.  Joel manages, operates and is chief bottle washer of his namesake clinic, Dr. Joel’s Clinic.  After work, Joel gives free community workshops to help parents learn more about their children’s vaccines.  While his main passion is improving medical care for children through thoughtful, evidence-based medicine, on the weekends he can be found doing all things Portland, including foraging for wild edibles, woodworking, and canoeing.

Dr. Max Cohen, N.D.

Max Cohen, N.D. is a naturopathic physician and lifelong Oregonian. His goal is to inform and educate his patients on the importance of preventive healthcare. His clinical interests include diet and lifestyle medicine, bedside ultrasound, and evidence-based integrative medicine. Dr. Cohen is a contributing author to, an educational resource about vaccines. Prior to his medical training, he worked as a microbiologist in a lab studying the tuberculosis bacterium. When not seeing patients, he spends his time with his family and bikes, backpacks, and takes photos.

Dr. Jay Rosenbloom, M.D., Ph.D.

Jay Rosenbloom, M.D., Ph.D. is a board-certified pediatrician, third-generation Portlander, and father to three daughters. To him, being a pediatrician at Pediatric Associates of the Northwest is all about teaching: helping families understand why doctors ask the questions they do or what they’re looking for when they check a body part. Dr. Rosenbloom believes in empowering parents through knowledge and helping them make well-informed medical decisions that are right for them. He loves to hike (especially Tamanwas Falls on Mt. Hood), travel, and eat spicy food.


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Nadine Gartner


Nadine Gartner is a mom, lawyer, and Executive Director of Boost Oregon.  Conceived from the depths of mother-anxiety and having the fortitude to change the conversation around childhood vaccination, Nadine created Boost Oregon.  When she is not mothering, lawyering, or promoting Boost Oregon, she is -- who are we kidding -- she is a working mom with two young kids.  She will find time for yoga and hiking in a few years.


Ari O’Donovan

Diversity Outreach Manager

Ari O’Donovan is a proud native Portlander who graduated from Portland State University with honors. In the summer of 2019, she interned with Boost Oregon and researched vaccine attitudes among African-American parents. As Boost’s first hired staff, Ari conducts outreach to Oregon’s minority and immigrant communities and oversees all of our programming specific to those communities. When she’s not meeting with parents, crafting new educational materials, or coordinating with medical providers, Ari is busy studying for the MCAT and applying to medical schools.

Employment Opportunities

Central Oregon Program Manager - We are hiring a part-time program manager to serve Central Oregon, beginning in January 2020. Please clink on the link for the full job description and important details.

We are always looking for freelance grant writers, administrative assistants, graphic designers, and any other skills that benefit nonprofits. Email with your ideas, skills, and any other information pertinent to working with us.


Boost Oregon follows an equal opportunity employment policy and employs personnel without regard to race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status. This policy applies to all of Boost Oregon's employees, volunteers, members, clients, and contractors. This policy also applies to internal promotions, training, opportunities for advancement, terminations, outside vendors, members and customers, service clients, use of contractors and consultants, and dealings with the general public.