Ways to help



Boost Oregon’s annual fundraiser is BOOSTAPALOOZA!, a family-friendly event filled with entertainment and prizes. We need volunteers to plan, publicize, and assist at the event.  Fill out the Volunteer Registration form and specify in the comments how you'd like to join us! The next BOOSTAPALOOZA! is scheduled for September 29, 2019.

Social Media Advocates

Boost Oregon is looking for a few good social media advocates!  Make your pro-vaccination views heard on Facebook, Twitter, and the like; become a guest blogger for Boost Oregon’s blog; and help get the word out about Boost Oregon’s upcoming events.

House Party Hosts

Do you want to educate your friends and neighbors about the importance of childhood vaccinations?  Host a house party!  You invite the guests and provide the refreshments, and we’ll provide the training materials and a representative from Boost Oregon.


Do you believe in Boost Oregon’s mission?  Do you want to see our work grow throughout the state and perhaps across the nation?  Raising money for Boost Oregon means that we can expand our educational programming and broaden our reach.  You can host a fundraiser, seek sponsors for an athletic event in honor of Boost Oregon, or simply reach out to your network for donations.  We can provide promotional materials and a representative from Boost Oregon.

Event Volunteers

Boost Oregon hosts a number of community-wide events and private fundraisers throughout the year.  We need volunteers for a variety of tasks, from greeting guests at the door to organizing kid-friendly games to selling Boost Oregon gear.


Boost Oregon empowers parents to give their children the best shot at a healthy life.  We are a 501(c)(3) organization, and your tax-deductible donation enables us to educate Oregonians about the benefits and safety of childhood vaccinations.

Volunteer Registration

Boost Oregon thrives on the energy of its volunteers.  Whether you are a medical provider, an educator, and/or a parent, we would love your help.  Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you soon.

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