Community Workshops



Welcome to a community event where you can learn the science behind vaccines with a naturally-minded, board-certified pediatrician. Unlike other such forums, it is not intended to scare people into or out of anything, or to tell you what to do. Our workshops simply help families feel more empowered and informed about their children's vaccines, instead of confused and torn. Whether you are a parent or provider, hesitant about vaccines or in favor of them, you'll feel very welcome and comfortable here.

Attendees receive free copies of our Parents' Guide to Children's Vaccines booklet.

The format is designed around answering common questions about vaccination, such as:

  • How are vaccines made and what's in them?

  • What is the best way to schedule vaccines?

  • For families interested in natural health, what role do vaccines play and which vaccines are the most important?

  • How does a family sort through all the various claims about vaccines that seem to be so contradictory at times?

Most of all, the workshops are fun, interactive, and relaxed.

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