Parents’ Guide

to Children’s Vaccines


This guide, much like Boost Oregon itself, is the result of a community-wide effort. Joel Amundson, M.D., and Nadine Gartner are the primary authors. Gary Ashwal, Paul Cieslak, M.D., Alison Dent, Stacy Matthews, Michele Rossolo, and David Solondz, M.D., provided invaluable input. Many thanks to the parent volunteers who contributed their personal stories to this guide.

Diana Tung designed the guide and created original graphics for it. Bob Land proofread the guide. Generous grants from the Juan Young Trust, Oregon Immunization Program, and Spirit Mountain Community Foundation made these guides a reality.

Finally, we are grateful for the hundreds of individual donors—parents, community members, and medical professionals—who donated money toward this effort. Boost Oregon does not accept donations of any kind from pharmaceutical companies.

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