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For Providers


Boost Oregon is a parent-led organization that provides evidence-based education to all Oregonians.

We're a group of parents, doctors, nurses, naturopaths, midwives, doulas, and regular folks who want to give our children, our patients, and every child in Oregon the best shot at a healthy life!


How we help


Boost Oregon appreciates that you are a busy medical provider with limited time to spend with each patient.  You may not have the opportunity to delve into the details about vaccination with every patient or to debunk the myriad of myths that exist.  Boost Oregon is here to help by providing community-based education about childhood vaccination.

Boost Oregon can assist you and your patients by:

  • Distributing educational guides to your patients that provide an overview of vaccines and direct them to additional resources;
  • Hosting community workshops that educate parents about vaccines in a welcoming and non-judgmental environment;
  • Training you and your colleagues on how best to approach your vaccine-hesitant patients;
  • Writing a guide specifically for medical providers on how to effectively communicate with vaccine-hesitant parents;
  • Providing online resources to counteract the prolific anti-vaccination propaganda on the web; and 
  • Connecting patients with parents who chose to vaccinate and want to share their personal stories.  

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